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Dedicated to the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Our Past Griffons
From our Breeding Program

The Griffons listed below
have made important contributions to our Breeding Program.

Bryn, Meg and Georgie


wirehaired pointing griffon

Checkered Meg

Our Foundation Bitch, our First Griffon
We didn't realize what a great dog we had 
until much later in our breeding career. Meg's determination, 
range, strong point, retrieve and waterlove are seen in 
our Griffons even today
1989 - 1999


wirehaired pointing griffon

Tucker's Georgie

From Harrison Reimer, Our Foundation Sire, Our Second Griffon
Georgie has passed on his calm demeanure, 
his substance and his talent
1990 - retired

wirehaired pointing griffon

Duckpond Princeton
From Ralph Nodine, Our Second Duckpond Griffon, 
Princeton was a High Quality Sire 
producing Drive, Ability, Intelligence and Waterlove
1993 - 2000 
His early death was a tremendous loss to the breed


wirehaired pointing griffon

Acer V'T Holtlaand

Imported from Holland, Acer put an incredible leg on our Griffs, as well,
he increased the quality of nose. He was a true star in the field and in the home.

wirehaired pointing griffon

Griffonpoints Jupiter

Our first home bred stud dog, Galahad was a very calm, easy to live with
Griffon, who loved everyone he ever met. He excelled on grouse, and for waterfowl.


wirehaired pointing griffon

Griffonpoint Imagine

Sage was the one who had my heart, what a treasure she was...
always ready to travel, not the best example of a Griffon physically,
but she was best example of what a Griffon's nature, talent and quality.


wirehaired pointing griffon


Griffonpoint Its Synchronicity


wirehaired pointing griffon

Griffonpoint In Tune


wirehaired pointing griffon


Griffonpoint Incon U

wirehaired pointing griffon

Griffonpoint Kilo Volt

wirehaired pointing griffon

Prancing Acrobat

Our first home bred Griffon, she was kept from our First Litter
Twig passed on her intense field ability, 
dynamic style, and ease of training.

wirehaired pointing griffon

Duckpond Roquebluft TT

From Ralph Nodine, Our First Duckpond Griffon, 
she has passed on her high cooperation and talent
1994 - 2009

wirehaired pointing griffon

Feu Follet Edge of Eden

From Serge Dumont in Quebec
This bitch passed on her dynamic field work and water love



These Griffons displayed qualities which are not only important to the breed, but also to our breeding program.  Along with the expected qualities of sound genetics, temperament, structure, hunting ability, these Griffons also strengthened our line with their strengths in certain areas.   


Griffonpoint Registered Kennel supports the continued use of the Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon as a versatile hunting companion.
Griffonpoint Kennel has an intermeshed breeding and training program which reflects the maxim
"Form Follows Function".

You can see the type of Griffons that we believe exemplify the working standard for the breed. If you are interested in more details on each Griffon, please feel free to contact us.




For further information, contact
Shannon Ford 

Griffonpoint Kennel


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