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We have a number of resident young Griffons three years old and under that are being raised as breeding prospects while they are being prepared for their careers as hunting dogs.  We also co-own and have breeding rights on other young Griffonpoint Griffons owned by people who are participating in our breeding program. 

We will choose the best from among these, after studying their traits (and those of their littermates) over the first years in the field, and as companion dogs.  These prospects are from Griffon families which have strong temperaments, genetics, structure and hunting traits ..... thus we are certain that they will develop into the kind of Griffons we are looking for and contribute to the future Generation of Griffonpoint Griffons. 

The Prospects that are not selected for our breeding program are placed as started hunting dogs.

Griffonpoint Registered Kennel supports the continued use of the Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon as a versatile hunting companion.
Griffonpoint Kennel has an intermeshed breeding and training program which reflects the maxim
"Form Follows Function".

You can see the type of Griffons that we believe exemplify the working standard for the breed. If you are interested in more details on each Griffon, please feel free to contact us.


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