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How do I bring a Griffon that is considered a Rescue into my Home?


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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are excellent family pets and hunting companions and their versatility and eagerness to please helps them to excel in many nontraditional areas, but GRIFFONS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. Griffons are an active, intelligent, affectionate breed that requires personal attention and exercise every day.

If you'd like to give a home to an athetic, affectionate companion, please check the E-Mail Rescue List and the Griff Rescue Message Board. If you can't find a Griff in your area, and you are seriously interested in adopting a Griffon, please contact one of the Rescue Coordinators. The Griffon you save could well become your most beloved companion.

Most Griffon Breeders know each other and are willing to help out. If you have a Griffon that you need to give up your Griffon, first contact the breeder of your Griffon . Chances are very good that your breeder will help you to find a new home for the Griffon.

Some Griffons are "Mis-Labeled" by unknowing Shelter workers and Veterinarians. Watch for "Griffons" that are actually German Wirehaired Pointers, PudelPointers, Terrier Crosses and mixed breeds of all sorts.

Read about the Griffon's personality, Look at the Breed Standard and look at online videos and photos of Griffons so that even though you may never have seen a real Griffon you can make a good judgement of whether the dog you are looking at is indeed a Griffon.



 Please contact Griffon Rescue if you are interested in receiving information on any wayward Griffons that may be in need of homes.  You can also keep up to date on the message board, and the AWPGA Griffon Rescue List. 

 If you would like to be considered for a rescue Griff when there is one in your neighborhood, get your adoption application on file with Homer. Email Homer and he'll ship one off to you via cyberspace. The application gives basic information so that there can be a proper "fit" between a dog and prospective adopter when a rescue comes up in your area.




Griffon Rescue Stories

Rescue Success Stories

"Stray Shelter Griffon" (now named Rudy) has been Rehomed, too! Uneutered, 4 year old male Griff

This lovely dog will live with some people who have been waiting for a Griffon puppy. They picked him up when things were not looking so positive for him at the animal shelter. Again, this boy went into a loving, active home, with people who want to share their time with an intelligent, affectionate dog.

To everyone who called to help with this shelter dog "Rudy", thank you!


Placed in a new home in November, thanks to all who contacted Sue and the Gastineau Humane Society. 4 year old Male Neutered Griff.


Another rescue success! Gone to his new home in December, another Griff called Rudy, 3 year old neutered male, rescued by Colleen and Jim Reiss, of Oregon


Axel, the 3 1/2 year old male Imported Rescue Griffon has been adopted by Susan Chapman, who saw him in the Alabama Shelter and brought him home. Axel has stolen their hearts, and has become an important part of their family, and so, happily, Axel will be staying with Susan.



Louis was beaten by a dog trainer, and when he was sent back to his former owner,he was a real mess. We adopted Louis when he was only a year old, and he hastaken a lot of time to overcome his bad experience. For a long time he didn't wantus to leave his sight. He has matured into a wonderful dog, his only bad habit is thathe opens our front door with his paws.

Flo and Judy





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