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  • 1998 Griffonne
  • Bred by Shannon Ford
  • owner/breeder trained
    and handled
  • 20 inches tall
  • 21 inches long
  • Med Harsh, Med Dense
  • OFA Prelim at 23 months Good
  • Eyes clear /00

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Acer V.'T Holtlaand

Ned. & Int. Kamp.
Banco V.D. Berkelvalle

Astor V.D. Berkelvallei
Toeschka V.D. Berkelvallei
Varna De Histers Glenn
Ch Checkered Meg Ch Tuckers Bullrush Brush Furst Von Der Neuburg
Flatheads Jaghund Gretal
Neal's Montana Thistledown

Furst Von Der Neuburg

Flatheads Georgia

      Griffonpoint Purdy (Purdy) was born in 1998.   She was one of only two pups resulting from a litter with Acer V.'T Holtlaand and our foundation bitch, Ch. Checkered Meg.   Meg was a very intelligent Griffon, but was quite dominant and independant.  Matching her with Acer was an excellent choice, as the pups were very intelligent and willing to work independantly, like their dam;  and also very eager to please, like their sire. 

     Purdy has been a delightful Griffon to live with, she has a vibrant attitude and is very enthusiastic in the field.  Like her sire, she has an excellent nose. She has a bigger range, making her a super Griffon for Sharptail Hunting.  Her natural retrieve is joyful and very fast.  She does a hop of happiness when she sees the bird she has been sent out to retrieve. 

      Purdy has passed on the traits that we value.  





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