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  • 1993 - 2000
  • 24inches tall
  • 25 inches long
  • Excellent coat
  • OFA Good Hips

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Our Past, Our Foundation Griffons

Ch Checkered Meg
Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC
Prancing Acrobat
Duckpond Roquebluft TT
Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Duckpond Princeton
Griffonpoint Great Karma
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Princeton - Dawn in the Duck Blind (October 2000)

Princeton, Summer 2000



     Duckpond Princeton or as we call him, "Princeton" was born on June 9, 1993. We hope and expect him to follow in the tradition of his family as a top producer of fine hunting dogs. Since Princeton is inbred, so he should "stamp" his puppies with the   traits of  his bloodline.  When Ralph Nodine told us that Princeton may be available, we jumped at the opportunity to give him a home and to include him in our breeding plan. 

     Princeton is a large, athletic dog who has exceptional structure and movement for hunting. His gait is strong, smooth and powerful.   Additionally, he has an exceptional working coat.   This is a dog who has a lot of attitude, and style.  He is a very confident, outgoing dog, who enjoys life thoroughly. 

      He sired his first litter when he was almost 6 years old, and when we saw the obvious quality of that litter, we bred again shortly after.  After being used at stud, he became like a barometer for detecting females who may be in heat....  If one of our Griffonnes is coming into season, Princeton starts serenading them with melodious howling.

     Princeton is a bold dog in the field, has a determined and quick style of search, and a natural love for water.  In fact, he will swim and dive after ducks for as long as you will let him, sometimes longer.  He was not brought along for hunting until much later in his life, so he was not as advanced as some of our Griffons, however, his high natural abilities and talents are sure to be passed on in our Griffons for generations to come.

Breeding History:

  • 1999: Griffonpoints Great Karma
  • 1999: Feu Follet Edge of Eden
  • 1999: Duckpond Roquebluft
  • 1999: Alders Edge Lara
  • 2000: Griffonpoint Gunners Lady

Offspring of Note:

  • Griffonpoint X Factor 
    Duckpond Princeton X Griffonpoint Gunner's Lady
    NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize III  (98/112) 
    Owner: Ken Arndt
  • Griffonpoint Kleer XS 
    Duckpond Princeton X Griffonpoint Gunner's Lady
    NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize III  (95/112) 
    Owner:  Fransisco BravoGriffonpoint Its Synchronicity
    NAVHDA NA Prize I (112/112)
  • Duckpond Undine
    NAVHDA NA Prize I (112/112)
    Owned by Dean and Althea Crockford
  • Griffonpoint In Tune
    NAVHDA NA Prize II (101/112)
  • Griffonpoint Impressive Sir
    NAVHDA NA Prize II (101/112)
    Owned by Greg Wilson
  • Griffonpoint Raw Isen Sienna
    NAVHDA NA Prize II (96/112)
    Owned by Ken Arndt
  • Griffonpoint Inspired Renegade
    NAVHDA NA Prize III (80/112)





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