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  • 1989 - 1999
  • Bred by Sharon Harker
  • owner trained and handled
  • 20 inches tall
  • 21 inches long
  • Short, Dense coat
  • OFA Hips Excellent

Introducing our Griffons

Ch Checkered Meg
Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC
Prancing Acrobat
Duckpond Roquebluft TT
Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Duckpond Princeton
Griffonpoint Great Karma
Griffonpoint Gunners Lady
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD
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Meet our Griffons

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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Ch. Checkered Meg
Ch. Tucker's Bullrush Brush Furst Von der Neuberg
Flatheads Jaghund Gretal
Neal's Montana Thistledown

Furst Von der Neuberg

Flatheads Georgia

    Over the late 1980's, Will and I had researched a number of hunting breeds.  Weighing the pros and cons, trying to envision the breed which would fit best into our family, and suit our hunting needs.  We had decided on a Continental Versatile, and from these felt that one of the wire-coated breeds would be best.  After investigating more thoroughly, we further refined our decision to the Wire-haired Pointing Griffon .... but just deciding this was the breed for us was not the end of our pursuit .... Griffons were rare in the 1980's and it seemed to take forever for us to find a Griffon puppy in Alberta.  

Checkered Meg (Meg) was born in the autumn of 1989.  She was bred by Sharon Harker.   As chance would have it, we connected with the Harkers through a mutual friend,  and we were delighted to finally see our first Griffons. 

    When we first brought Meg into our home, we knew only what we had read in books, and that was not much.  Information on the Griffon was very limited, there was a chapter here and a chapter there.  So when little Meg waddled through the door, she offered an instant education on how smart and energetic a tiny Griffon puppy is.

    As she developed, we were thrilled by the talent and determination of this young Griffon in the field, and we knew that we had made the right decision, that this truly was breed for us.  Through Meg, we learned about Griffons and about hunting with a Griffon... and about the incredible depth of ability that Griffons have been bred to have over the years.  We wanted to be further involved.   

    We had not intended to become breeders when we had first decided to purchase a Griffon, but quickly became committed to this incredible breed.  

Breeding History

Meg was bred to three different sires, -  repeat breeding with Tuckers Georgie

  • Tuckers Georgie
  • Goose Creeks Alexander
  • Acer V'T Holtlaand

Offspring of Note

Griffonpoint Purdy
Acer V.'T Holtlaand (Holland) X Checkered Meg
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize III
Judges: Roland F. Drew, Jacob V. Lulack, Tim Nemeth

Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD AOM
Goose Creeks Alexander (USA) X Checkered Meg
CKC Obedience Title 
    with 3 consecutive high in class scores and high score of 198.5
Evelyn Kenney Kennel and Obedience Club 
    Award of Merit in Obedience
CKC Conformation Championship

Griffonpoint Wiley Edge FD
Ch Tuckers Georgie (USA) CD CGC X Ch Checkered Meg
CKC Field Dog Title with high in test score (96/100) at 3 years of age
Owner: Murray Roth

Ch Highwoods Checkmate Chess CD TT
Ch Tuckers Georgie (USA)CD CGC X Ch Checkered Meg
CKC Obedience Title
Temperament Test
CKC Conformation Championship
Owner: Rhonda Jorgensen

Surprise Account (Search and Rescue Dog)
Ch Tuckers Georgie (USA) CD CGC X Ch Checkered Meg
Owner: May Britt Wiegle

Ch Prancing Acrobat
Ch Tuckers Georgie (USA) CD CGC X Ch Checkered Meg
CKC Conformation Title





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