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  • 1995 Griffon
  • Bred by Shannon Ford
  • owner/breeder trained
    and handled
  • 24 inches tall
  • 25 inches long
  • Excellent coat
  • Conformation Title
  • Obedience Title
  • EKKOC Award of Merit
    for Obedience
  • Second Griffon in North America to be ERG'ed
  • Eyes Clear
  • OFA Prelim at 18 months Good

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Dogs in Our Breeding Program

Ch Checkered Meg
Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC
Prancing Acrobat
Duckpond Roquebluft TT
Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Duckpond Princeton
Griffonpoint Great Karma
Griffonpoint Gunners Lady
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD
Griffonpoint In Time for Valor
Griffonpoint Lightly Exquisite

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Jasper - pointing/tracking pheasant

jasperrabbit.jpg (7705 bytes)

Jasper and Pintail Hen
Shannon and Jasper with a Hare

Jasper is the Griff on the Griffon Ring (front page)


      Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD (Jasper) was born in 1995.   He is the son of one of our favourite stud dogs, Ch. Goose Creeks Alexander (Hunter).  Hunter was bred by Bill Morevek and is owned by Shelly and Randy Hand of Lacombe, Alberta.  We made the decision to match our foundation bitch, Ch. Checkered Meg (bred by Sharon Harker of Calgary, Alberta) with Hunter, based on intuition, as Hunter was not being used for hunting.  Hunter does have "the look" and an insatiable natural retrieve. As it turns out, in 1998 Hunter's littermate "VC Goose Creeks Amigo (Bo)" (owned by Dale Bruni of Wisconsen USA) become the second Griffon in the history of NAVHDA to earn the title of Versatile Champion (which is the highest level of certification with NAVHDA).  The combination of Hunter and Meg was very successful, the litter had the high intelligence and high drive that Meg so typically produced, and they had a tremendous willingness to please and biddability from Hunter .... the two traits combined with such intensity were something that we had not seen before.

     Jasper puts everything he has into everything he does.   There is no hold back  in this dog, whether it is hunting or doing precise exercises in obedience competition.  In addition, he is a clown, living with this Griffon is entertaining and exhausting at the same time, as one never knows what Jasper will come up with next in order to get attention.   We used this high drive in training him to be a top obedience competition contender.  He trains easily and during his first weekend out in obedience competition he received the EKKOC award of merit, having earned his CD in his first three trials, all with scores exceeding 195/200, and earning high in class status in each of these trials.  Jasper's highest score was 198.5, a score that is unbeaten in North America.

      Jasper has been trained for obedience competition using positive training methods.  I am   fortunate to have taken lessons with a very talented group of obedience trainers,   Jackie Hastie, Dee Parsons, Pauline Baldwin and Jayne Coneybeare.  They have been a source of inspiration and new techniques for training methods that work very well for Griffons.

      Jasper has produced this same talent, high drive and biddability in his offspring, and we expect that he will continue to contribute to our breeding program.   If you are looking for a beautiful, extroverted versatile hunting companion, look for a pup by Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD, his sire CH Goose Creeks Alexander or his uncle VC Goose Creeks Amigo. It is predictable that all three will leave their marks on the Wirehaired Pointing Griffons in North America.

Breeding History:

Jasper has been bred with two Bitches

  • Prancing Acrobat
  • Feu Follet Edge of Eden

Offspring of Note:

Griffonpoint Anndie Hunts Quail
Griffonpoint Defies Gravity X Prancing Acrobat 
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II 105
Judges: Jeff Funke, Timothy S Clark, Howard Zimmermann
Owner:  Roy and Sharon Weeaks

Griffonpoint High Octane
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Therapy Dog
With  Pet Access League Society
Agility Competition and Agility Demonstration Dog
Owner:  Helen Roman Smith and Bruce Smith

Griffonpoint Imagine FD
Griffonpoint Defies Gravity X Prancing Acrobat
CKC Field Dog Title (93/100) at 2 years of age

Griffonpoint Cassie's Intrigue FD
Griffonpoint Defies Gravity X Prancing Acrobat
CKC Field Dog Title (93/100) at 3 years of age
Owner: Neil Robertson and Alison Bissicks





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Shannon Ford 

Griffonpoint Kennel
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phone/fax (403)995-0389


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