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  • 1990 Griffon
  • Bred by Harrison Reimer, Montana
  • Obedience Title
  • Conformation Title
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Ourstanding family companion and
    talented Grouse Dog
  • OFA Hips
  • First Griffon in North America to be ERG'ed
  • Eyes clear

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Our Past, Our Foundation Griffons

Ch Checkered Meg
Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC
Prancing Acrobat
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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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Georgie and Will after a duck hunt
Georgie with Doubles on Geese
Georgie and Will out for Ruffed Grouse


Ch. Tucker's Georgie CD CGC Ingo Vom Kastanienhain Axel Vom Baldeneysee
Aura von Gschwendt
Flatheads Georgia Magic Valley's Rafe
Glacier Cool DeeCee


     Georgie was born July 1990,  in Montana, USA, bred by Harrison Reimer.   His sire, Ingo vom Kastanienhain, was  Imported from Germany, and was frequently used at stud providing a positive effect on the Hunting Griffon in North America.   Georgie came to us at 4 months of age. Even as a puppy, Georgie was a very substantial Griffon - he matured to 25 inches tall with an excellent, harsh coat, and lots of furnishings that are of a hard texture.
     Georgie was one of our first Griffons, and he is one of those dogs that you may have once in a lifetime.   We did not know much about training a hunting dog, or about hunting with a dog, and this magnificent Griffon guided us through all that. He trained himself (and us) about what it is truly like to hunt with a dog, and a Griffon in particular.  Georgie is an impeccable ruffed grouse dog, very methodical, careful and thorough.  He is an honest and willing worker with the intelligence and stamina to work all day long, for whatever game we are hunting for. 

     We did have a funny thing happen last year, after many many years, Georgie had an off day on Ruffed Grouse.   Will was dissappointed with him, and the next day, Georgie was left home and he knew when we loaded the truck that we were going hunting, and other dogs were going but not him.  We had a great day, and arrived home and unpacked dogs, gear and birds, went to the river to try for some Geese, never noticing that Georgie had dissappeared.    We missed him that night, and looked everywhere, but could not find him.   The next morning, we found Georgie.  He was in the back of the truck, and he was there to stay...... we could not drag him, nor tempt him, nor order him to get out of the truck.  He was determined never to be left behind again.   I am not sure about how a dog's mind works, but on our next hunt, Georgie was on top of his game again, and most certainly he will never be left home in the future.

    Georgie is a gentle, easy going, trustworthy dog, he is our family pet and lives in our house fulltime.  He is the kind of dog that would never consider stealing appetizers off a coffee table, or jumping up on people, but he certainly does know how to charm people into offering him snacks and cuddles.  He seems determined to invite everyone he meets to join the "I Love Griffons" club. 

Breeding History:

Georgie has been bred with 4 different bitches

  • Checkered Meg
  • Prancing Acrobat
  • Duckpond Roquebluft
  • Feu Follet Edge of Eden






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