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  • 1999 Griffonne
  • Bred by Shannon Ford
  • owner/breeder trained and handled
  • Med/Harsh Med Dense coat
  • Penn-Hip at 21 months
    Greater than 90th Percentile (hips better than 100% of dogs in the PennHip test group) 
    DI of .27 for both hips
  • Eye Clear 01/01
  • 101/112  Prize II 
    NAVHDA Natural Ability

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 Freya - 11 Months March 2000

Above:  Freya at 1 year of age

Duckpond Princeton

Duckpond Maranocook

Duckpond Dustin
Duckpond Kossuth
Duckpond Nequasset Duckpond Dustin
Duckpond Joyeux
Duckpond Roquebluft Ch. Echo De Saint Landry Viking Di San Germano
Astrid De Saint Landry
Duckpond Joyeux

Duckpond Garp

Duckpond Suzanne


     Griffonpoint In Tune (Freya)  was born April 1999,  here at Griffonpoint.   Her sire Duckpond Princeton, was  bred by Ralph Nodine (Maine, USA)  and Imported to Canada at 5 years of age.  Her dam Duckpond Roquebluft who was also bred by Ralph Nodine. This was a line breeding. 
     Freya was named for he Norse Goddess of Peace, Prosperity and Fruitfulness.   She may be a very sweet natured Griffon, but when it comes to hunting, she is all business.  You can see the determination in her eyes as soon as she is put into the field. 

    Freya and her littermate Valor are breeding prospects.





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