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  • May 2001 Griffonne
  • Bred by Shannon Ford
  • owner/breeder trained
    and handled

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Our Breeding Prospects

Ch Checkered Meg
Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC
Prancing Acrobat
Duckpond Roquebluft TT
Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Duckpond Princeton
Griffonpoint Great Karma
Griffonpoint Gunners Lady
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD
Griffonpoint In Time for Valor
Griffonpoint Lightly Exquisite

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Griffonpoint Lightly Exquisite


acer photo

Griffonpoint Jupiter

  • OFA Good 
  • OFA Hips Normal
  • Eyes Clear  02/00
  • r

Ch Tuckers Georgie CD CGC Ingo Vom Kastanienhain Axel vom Baldeneyse
Aura von Gschwend
Flathead's Georgia Majic Valley's Rafe
Glacier Cool Dee Cee
Ch Checkered Meg
Ch. Tucker's Bullrush Brush Furst Von der Neuberg
Flatheads Jaghund Gretal
Neal's Montana Thistledown Furst Von der Neuberg
Flatheads Georgia





Feu Follet Edge of Eden

  • Bred by Serge Dumont
  • OFA Excellent
    Elbows Normal
  • Eyes Clear  02/00



(Trialer) hd free

Stark Du Mas Dee Gouties
(TAN) hd free
Uckie Des Chaumes L'aure D'or
hd free
Pot Yan De Kerham
(Recom) hd free
Patty Du Cap de la Chevre
Alders Edge Feu Follet
NA Prize II, UT Prize II, CV Prix II, QN Prix II, hd free
Loys Du Tedelou
(Elite) Ch.IT Ch.T/GT Ch.B Ch.IB hd free
Under Du Ruisseau du Massacre
(Elite) Ch.B Ch.IB Ch.T Ch.IThd free
Queen Carole De Saint Landry
Alders Edge Attagirl
NA Prize I, UT Prize III hd free

Sunny Branch's Beau Brook
UT Prize I hd free

Huckle Hill Calliope
hd free



Chi Chi  (don't ask about how she got that name...)  was whelped in May 2001,  This is an outcross, however, when Bryn had been bred with Georgie (Galahad's sire) we got a very good litter.  This litter also seems to have good consistancy and qualtiy.  ChiChi is a very  intelligent young Griffonne, who should produce good quality and hunting ability. 

Chi Chi  has an excellent coat, good, tidy conformation and has a quick, determined manner in the field.    





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Shannon Ford 

Griffonpoint Kennel
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phone/fax (403)995-0389


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