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  • 1995 Griffonne
  • Bred by Serge Dumont
  • owner trained and handled
  • 22 inches tall
  • 23 inches long
  • Medium Harsh, Dense coat
  • Excellent personal hunting dog
  • OFA Excellent
  • OFA Elbows Normal
  • Eyes Clear

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Introducing our Griffons

Our Past, Our Foundation Griffons

Ch Checkered Meg
Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC
Prancing Acrobat
Duckpond Roquebluft TT
Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Duckpond Princeton
Griffonpoint Great Karma
Griffonpoint Gunners Lady
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD
Griffonpoint In Time for Valor
Griffonpoint Lightly Exquisite
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Elite= Outstanding Sire in France
Recom= Approved Sire in France
TAN= Natural Ability
Trialer= Field Dog


(Trialer) hd free

Stark Du Mas Dee Gouties
(TAN) hd free
Uckie Des Chaumes L'aure D'or
hd free
Pot Yan De Kerham
(Recom) hd free
Patty Du Cap de la Chevre
Alders Edge Feu Follet
NA Prize II, UT Prize II, CV Prix II, QN Prix II, hd free
Loys Du Tedelou
(Elite) Ch.IT Ch.T/GT Ch.B Ch.IB hd free
Under Du Ruisseau du Massacre
(Elite) Ch.B Ch.IB Ch.T Ch.IThd free
Queen Carole De Saint Landry
Alders Edge Attagirl
NA Prize I, UT Prize III hd free

Sunny Branch's Beau Brook
UT Prize I hd free

Huckle Hill Calliope
hd free

    Feu Follet Edge of Eden (Bryn) was bred by respected Griffon Breeder and Hunter, Serge Dumont of Quebec, Canada.  We had contacted Serge looking for an outcross bitch from solid hunting lines that could be brought into our breeding program.  It was obvious right from the first moment that Serge had chosen the perfect Griffonne for us ...... Bryn bounced off the airplane very much in charge, and she has been in charge ever since.  She became our "alpha Griffonne" when she was three years old,  after a long simmering feud with our foundation bitch, Ch. Checkered Meg.

    Bryn is a Gaelic name for "Strength, Virtue and Honour", and Bryn certainly grew up to her name, she is a strong minded, dominant Griffonne of excellent character and  she has produced this same strength of mind and body in her offspring. She does have an independant streak, which was more of a problem when she was  younger.  She really came into her own during her third hunting season, and that independance became a definate asset.  She has an determined, independant search, a thorough natural quartering style that was evident even as a young dog, and a natural affinity for water and water work. 

I will always remember the crisp early spring day when we had some folks out to meet our Griffons, I think that they asked whether or not Griffons like water.  We were out for a walk, so I thought what better opportunity to show them how much Griffons like water.  Meg and Bryn accompanied us to the thawing Highwood River..... they plunged into the icey cold river water, Bryn swimming into the main current to look for ducks, and Meg standing in the river nearby, shivering and waiting for someone to throw something (anything) for her to retrieve. The water-love established, we were about to start up the trail out of the river valley when I mentioned that one of the things about living with a Griffon is their cooperative trait of bringing all treasures to you, no matter how long these treasures had been dead.  No sooner had I explained this positive virtue, when Bryn came racing up to us with a 2 foot long, dead Burbot in her mouth.  She was obviously pleased with herself, and didn't seem to catch on that these folks weren't interested in touching the fish.  I thanked Bryn for bringing me the wonderful fish,  gingerly took it from her, and sent her on to find another one.... I did explain to our visitors that many breeds of dog would just eat the prize or roll in it, and that Griffons are very special because they naturally bring every prize to their hunting partners, maybe they think we would like to eat it and since we are the "pack leader" we get the best bits? 

     Bryn's qualities can be seen in her offspring, including  Griffonpoint Its Synchronicity who have been outcrosses (sire and dam being unrelated).

Breeding History:

  • 1997: Tucker's Georgie
  • 1998: Griffonpoint Defies Gravity
  • 1999: Duckpond Princeton
  • 2000: Acer V.'T Holtlaand

Offspring of Note:

Griffonpoint Kinetic Valience 
Acer V.'T Holtlaand X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II  107/112 
Judges: Roland F. Drew, Davy A. Caven, Tim Woosley
Owner:  Kyle Himmelbach

Griffonpoint Keen Victory 
Acer V.'T Holtlaand X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II  100/112 
Judges: Josef K. Schmutz, Tim Woosley, J. David Girtman

Griffonpoint Keen Venturer 
Acer V.'T Holtlaand X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II  99/112 
Judges: Josef K. Schmutz, Tim Woosley, J. David Girtman

Griffonpoint Raw Isen Sienna
Duckpond Princeton X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II  96/112
Judges: Davy A. Caven, Robert G. Engelhardt, Philip A. Thayer Jr.
Owner:  Ken Arndt

Griffonpoint Impressive Sir
Duckpond Princeton X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II  101/112
Judges: Lawrence J. Lawton, Lance T. Vernam, Tracy Harmeyer
Owner:  Gregory Wilson

Griffonpoint High Octane
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Therapy Dog With  Pet Access League Society
Agility Competition and Agility Demonstration Dog
Owner:  Helen Roman Smith and Bruce Smith

Griffonpoint It's Synchronicity
Duckpond Princeton X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Natural Ability Prize I  112/112  at 6 months of age
Judges: Jacob V. Lulack, Paul Lester, Josef K. Schmutz

Griffonpoint Gunners Luck CGC
Ch Tucker's Georgie (USA) CD CGC X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Canine Good Citizen Title
working on CKC Field Dog Title - First leg before 2 years of age
Owner:  Herb Ten Pierick




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