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  • 1998 Griffonne

  • Bred by Shannon Ford
  • owner/breeder trained and handled
  • 21 inches tall
  • 22 inches long
  • Harsh, short, med dense coat
  • OFA  Hips WG961G30F-T
             Elbows WGEL20
  • Eyes Cleared 2000

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Ch. Tucker's Georgie USA CD CGC

Ingo Vom Kastanienhain

Axel vom Baldeneyse
Aura von Gschwend
Flathead's Georgia Majic Valley's Rafe
Glacier Cool Dee Cee
Duckpond Roquebluft Ch. Echo De Saint Landry Viking Di San Germano
Astrid De Saint Landry
Duckpond Joyeux

Duckpond Garp

Duckpond Suzanne

     Blizzard was born in March 1998, while we were in the middle of one of Calgary's worst winter blizzards on record.  The entire City was shut down, including stores, offices, schools and the University.   Warnings not to venture out were broadcast, and of course Thistle had new puppies!   Luckily, our home has an alternate heat source for when our boilers don't have electricity - so we stoked up the woodstoves, made hot chocolate and waited out the wild March blizzard in style.

     Blizzard, In my opinion, promises to be one of the best females we have ever bred.  She has good size, structure, substance and movement, though she has a shorter coat it does not seem to hold her back when it comes to cold water or weather.  She has a willing, easy training style, shows a great deal of talent and loves to look for birds, and is an all 'round joyful cooperative Griffonne.  She just finished her puppy year and this upcoming hunting season will be her first "real" hunting season.

     Much of what we see in her comes from her dam, Duckpond Roquebluft, but she also carries some of the best traits of her sire, Ch. Tucker's Georgie, CD CGC.    Blizzard is quite a doggy bitch, and is not as elegant or feminine as her 1/2 Sisters Griffonpoints Great Karma and Griffonpoint its Time for Valor.

Breeding History:

  • 2000: Griffonpoints Jupiter

Offspring of Note:

Griffonpoint Kheastnut Wonder
Griffonpoint Jupiter X Griffonpoint Hasta Not Snow
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize III  98/112 
Owner:  Christopher T. Meadows





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Shannon Ford 

Griffonpoint Kennel
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phone/fax (403)995-0389


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